Print Your Photos or Risk Losing Them to the Digital Dark Age, Internet Pioneer Warns by Marissa Rauch

This is an interesting article.  I absolutely believe this.  You have to print the photos that you love to save.  

Some of my favorite times have been sorting through the boxes of photos of when I was a child and my parents youth.  The images are priceless.  Touching each picture is like finding a treasure.  The memories...  there is nothing better.

You should absolutely make prints of your photos to not lose them to the digital dark age.

 We provide scanning services for your old negatives and slides and we can prepare them to print to preserve your memories for ever. contact us today for information.

I lost a very good friend this past week..... by Marissa Rauch

This past week we lost one of the good ones.  My great friend and Godfather to my daughter passed away.  We all have blood family, and then we have the families that we make for ourselves.  Aaron and his husband Gary became important family members.  They have been ever present in our lives especially since adopting Daniela.  We celebrated holidays and many other occasions together.  Aaron had the ability to make every occasion a celebration whether it was a pumpkin carving party, a crafts party or a fireworks party.  He put his heart and soul into everything.  He as pure love.  There has been such an outpouring of support and love from all of those who he came across in life.  He touched to many.  We love him and will miss him so much...

My new website is up and running... by Marissa Rauch

For the past few months I have spent many, many, hours teaching myself how to design a website.  Thanks Squarespace for all the technical help.  I learned so much and now I can make changes daily to my site and update it on a regular basis.  Check it out. Take a look.  Tell me what you think.


More importantly, call for a sitting....  Head Shot specials for the new year.


Thanks so much,